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Accounting Services

The Federal Reserve Banks provide accounting services to financial institutions in their respective districts. As a result, payment transactions can be settled efficiently by debiting the accounts of the financial institutions making payments and by crediting the accounts of financial institutions receiving payments.

The Federal Reserve Banks' suite of Accounting Information Services (AIS) offers a variety of reports and inquiry services that provide a reliable, complete and timely source of information about entries debited or credited to an institution's account. Online delivery of the information is designed to maintain confidentiality and security since all transmissions are encrypted.

Account Management Information (AMI)

Account Management Information (AMI) is a powerful online tool that offers critical real-time information regarding your Federal Reserve Bank account and enables you to generate a variety of summary and detail reports and inquiry services. AMI also offers monthly service charge information and enables you to drill down, search and download summary and detail monthly billing information.

Premium Accounting Information Services (AIS)

Premium AIS offerings extend the features and benefits of AMI and provide a variety of AIS data files.

Daily Statement of Account

The daily Statement of Account provides details for transactions that have posted for your financial institution, Secondary RTNS (Subaccounts and Other Secondary RTNs) and Respondents, if applicable. The Statement of Account is available through a variety of formats and may be accessible as part of the AMI service described above or delivered via FedMail®.

Statement of Service Charges

The Statement of Service Charges details service charges and transaction data for your financial institution, Secondary RTNs (Subaccounts and Other Secondary RTNs) and Respondents based on services performed by the Federal Reserve Banks. These monthly statements may be accessed as part of the Account Management Information service described above or delivered via direct connection or FedMail.

Daylight Overdraft Reports

Daylight Overdraft Reports are produced for financial institutions that incur daylight overdraft activity in their Federal Reserve Bank account as well as (or including) those institutions directed to receive reports for monitoring purposes.

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