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Service and Access Setup

Thank you for choosing Federal Reserve Financial Services. Depending on the services you select, implementation will involve decisions and tasks related to agreements, accounting, operations and service access. The links below will help streamline your implementation process and access help at any step along the way.

Current Financial Services Customer–Add or Modify Services or Access

As your business grows, we can help you adapt your suite of payments services to meet your changing needs. These step-by-step instructions for adding or modifying services and access are provided to help ensure a thorough and efficient effort.

New Financial Services Customer–Set Up Services and Access

Whether you are a new financial institution or just new to Federal Reserve Financial Services, this section will provide you with detailed information on each setup activity to help you choose the accounting, service and access solutions right for you.

Financial Institution Merger-Modify Services or Access

Our customer service staff can assist you through the necessary service change steps needed for financial institution mergers, acquisitions or consolidations.

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