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Reserves Central

Reserves Central provides resources and tools to help financial institutions manage balances maintained to satisfy reserve balance requirements and excess reserve balances. From Reserves Central, financial institutions can review their reserve balance requirements, and drill down into comprehensive reserves data. Financial institutions can also find comprehensive information on term deposits and excess balance accounts.

Reserves Central—Reserve Account Administration

Reserves Central—Reserve Account Administration is the application through which depository institutions can access information on their reserve balance requirements and related calculations, such as their maintained balances and the amount of interest earned on those balances.

For detailed instructions on how to navigate the application, review the Reserves Central—Reserve Account Administration Step-by-Step Guide (PDF) or the Accessible Version. In addition, if you have questions about reserve administration or the application, consult the Reserves Central—Reserve Account Administration Frequently Asked Questions.

If you would like to setup access to the application, visit the Reserves Central—Reserve Account Administration Setup page for more information.

Click the button below to access the Reserves Central—Reserve Account Administration application.

Reserves Central—Reserve Account Administration Secure Logon Reserves Central—Reserve Account Administration Secure Logon

Reserve Maintenance Manual (Off-site)

The Reserve Maintenance Manual provides information fundamental to understanding reserve calculations and account maintenance. The manual is updated each year to reflect the annual indexation of values used in the calculation of reserve requirements and any other changes affecting reserve calculation and maintenance.

Reserve Maintenance Calendars

The below maintenance period calendars illustrate the relationship between computation periods, reserve balance requirement calculation periods, and maintenance periods. Calendars are organized by the frequency with which an institution reports the FR 2900 (Report of Transaction Accounts, Other Deposits and Vault Cash), either weekly or quarterly.



Term Deposit Facility

The Term Deposit Facility (TDF) is a program under which the Federal Reserve offers term deposits to institutions that are eligible to receive interest on the balances they maintain at the Reserve Banks. An eligible institution may place funds at its Reserve Bank in a term deposit for an agreed upon number of days and reduce the amount of reserves it holds.

Click the button below to access the Term Deposit Facility application.

Term Deposit Facility Secure LogonTerm Deposit Facility Secure Logon

Excess Balance Account

Excess balance accounts are limited-purpose accounts for maintaining the excess balances of institutions that are eligible to earn interest on balances at Federal Reserve Banks. The participating eligible institutions ('participants') authorize another institution ('agent') to manage the excess balance account on their behalf.


Please contact your Reserves Central District Contact with questions about reserves administration.

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