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Savings Bonds for Financial Institutions

The following resources provide detailed operational guidelines for paying agents of U.S. Savings Bonds, including:

Guide to Cashing Savings Bonds

The Guide to Cashing Savings Bonds (FS P 0022) outlines your responsibilities and liability as a qualified agent for redeeming savings bonds. The guide includes the three basic types of identification you can request from customers redeeming savings bonds, as well as examples of acceptable identification.

Using the guide in conjunction with Savings Bond Pro® software will help you avoid errors and potential financial loss for your institution.

Circular 888 Stamp

The Circular 888 stamp helps you provide fast service to customers who redeem large quantities of savings bonds. Instead of the customer signing each savings bond, your institution stamps the back of each bond with the Circular 888 stamp.

Circular 888 stamps are available only to qualified paying agents. The first stamp is available at no charge. If you are interested, please contact the Minneapolis Treasury Retail Securities site.

Savings Bond Academy Online Training Tool

Have questions about cashing savings bonds? Use the new Savings Bond Academy (Off-site) online training tool to refresh your knowledge and help onboard new employees. Created for individuals responsible for cashing savings bonds for customers, the tool uses scenario-based instructions and is useful for assisting customers with answers to their specific questions.

Interest Rates and Savings Bond Pricing Tools

Find rates for Series EE/E savings bonds (Off-site) and Series I savings bonds (Off-site).

Additionally, the U.S. Department of the Treasury offers a variety of tools to help customers with pricing bonds.

Savings Bond Calculator (Off-site)

Find out what your bonds are worth with the Treasury's online calculator. The calculator will price Series EE, E, I bonds, and Savings Notes. Features include current interest rate, next accrual date, final maturity date, year-to-date interest earned, and more.

Savings Bond Pro® Software (Off-site)

Savings Bond Pro is an electronic interactive software system for processing U.S. Savings Bonds that is free to all agents. It is a Windows-based application that runs on a Windows 95 or higher operating system. Savings Bond Pro can be used to price savings bonds, reprint receipts, edit transactions, summarize transactions, download new values and print redemption tables. Savings Bond Pro reduces improper payments by allowing you to use a bond's serial number to determine if it has been reported to the Treasury as lost, stolen, destroyed or if the customer reported never receiving the bond. If your PC has the Microsoft® Windows operating system, Savings Bond Pro software can be used to calculate redemption values.

To order a free copy of Savings Bond Pro, contact the Bureau of the Fiscal Service by phone (304) 480-6888 or email

Savings Bond Redemption Tables (Off-site)

Savings Bond Redemption Tables are used to find the values and interest earned for EE/E Bonds, I Bonds, and Savings Notes.


Download forms (Off-site)

For your convenience, the majority of the forms are fillable. You may complete the form on your screen, print it and give it to your customer to sign and submit. Using online forms provides instant access to the forms you need, ensures you always have the most current forms on hand and eliminates the hassle of maintaining a file drawer of forms.


The following packets should be used by a financial institution when they cannot complete a customer transaction and must forward it to the Bureau of the Fiscal Service for processing. Use these packets when instructed by the Treasury Retail Securities site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Federal Reserve Financial Services is committed to providing the answers and information you need. Answers to many of our customers most frequently asked questions can be found using the links below.

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