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Current Financial Services Customer - Add or Modify Services or Access

Thank you for your continued partnership with Federal Reserve Financial Services. We are excited to work with you to update your service solutions to meet your changing needs. The following steps provide a guide for adding or modifying services or access solutions, including contacts to help you with questions.

Step 1 - Select Service Options

The following links will help you determine or confirm which services and features are right for your institution. If you've already identified the service changes you'd like to make, skip to Step 2.

Contact your account executive if you need additional advice.

Step 2 - Assess Access Needs

Although you may already be using one of our FedLine® or FedMail® access solutions, adding or modifying services can change your access requirements. You may need to provide access to additional staff in your organization, change the roles of existing Subscribers or switch to a different access solution. Review your access needs in light of your service changes, and as part of your review, take a fresh look at your contingency plans as well.

Contact your Customer Contact Center if you need assistance.
For information about how to Become a Savings Bond Paying Agent, contact the Minneapolis Treasury Retail Securities Site.

Step 3 - Complete Forms and Implementation Steps

After finalizing your service and access decisions, you can begin implementation by completing the required forms.

Questions? Contact your Customer Contact Center.

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