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FedTransaction Analyzer® Frequently Asked Questions

Federal Reserve Financial Services is committed to providing the answers and information you need. Answers to many of our customers most frequently asked questions can be found using the links below.

If your question is not answered by the information provided on the site, Contact provides a comprehensive list of service and support contacts who can assist you.

FedTransaction Analyzer Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of transaction data does FedTransaction Analyzer provide?

    The tool provides Fedwire® Funds Service data for a historical period of at least seven years and for most fields available in the wire payment detail.

  2. In what formats is data available?

    Data is available in either Microsoft® Excel® worksheet or as a comma separated values (CSV) file format (Excel 2007 or greater required).

  3. How many reports does the service store for access at a later time?

    Subscribers will be able to access copies of the last five reports that they generated using the FedTransaction Analyzer service, as well as the search criteria they used for each of them.

  4. Where can I find the data descriptions/glossary?

    A glossary of the data elements provided can be accessed by clicking the question mark link within the FedTransaction Analyzer tool and in the FedLine Learning Center module. In addition, a glossary of data elements is available on the Field Dictionary tab of your Excel report.

  5. How can I learn more about the functionality of the FedTransaction Analyzer tool?

    There is a User Guide available in the FedLine Learning Center.

  6. What are the prerequisites for FedTransaction Analyzer?

    An institution must have a Federal Reserve Bank account, be a Fedwire Funds Service participant and have the FedLine Advantage® Plus or FedLine Advantage Premier access solution.

  7. Is there a cost for the FedTransaction Analyzer® tool?

    There is not an explicit fee for the service itself, but it does require a FedLine Advantage Plus or a FedLine Advantage Premier access solution. If a customer does not have a FedLine Advantage Plus or FedLine Advantage Premier access solution prior to signing up for the FedTransaction Analyzer tool, FedLine Advantage Plus or FedLine Advantage Premier package fees will take effect during the billing period in which the service is activated.

  8. I don’t have the 2007 or later Microsoft Excel version. How can I download the report?

    Reports can always be created as a CSV file which should be able to be imported into any version of Excel.

  9. How much transaction history is available?

    The Federal Reserve Banks now provide a minimum of seven years of Fedwire Funds historical data. The full range of the user's Fedwire Funds historical data is available upon first use of the tool. The amount of data that can be returned per request is limited by the number of wire transactions and number of accounts owned by the institution.

  10. I don’t see all the transactions associated with my bank. Who should I call?

    Please call the Customer Contact Center or contact your account executive.

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