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Check Adjustments Services

The Federal Reserve Banks’ Check Adjustments Services allow you to quickly and effectively resolve debit or credit settlement discrepancies on checks that were processed or handled by the Federal Reserve. These are both electronic and non-electronic (paper-based) Check Adjustments Services.

Electronic Check Adjustments Services (PDF)

Electronic Check Adjustments Services allow financial institutions to submit, receive and manage adjustments requests via FedLine® Solutions. The efficiencies of this service aid in expediting the research and resolution of your check adjustments requests.

Check Adjustments Automated Status Reports (PDF)

The Check Adjustment Automated Status Report is available to FedLine Solutions customers with access to the Check Adjustments application located under the Reports tab. The report is generated at the end of each processing day and provides information on the status of adjustment requests submitted to the Federal Reserve Banks.

Discover how Electronic Check Adjustments Services can benefit your financial institution

  • Provides you with the ability to print multiple advices and allows authorized customers to process check adjustments advices for other institutions
  • Allows you to save time and streamline your workflow when receiving and researching adjustments
  • Plus additional benefits highlighted in the Check Adjustments Services product sheet (PDF)

Non-electronic (paper-based) Check Adjustments Services

Non-electronic Check Adjustments Services are handled at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. All paper adjustments cases are priced and include foreign item-related requests, all adjustments-related correspondence and adjustments with required supporting documentation (attachments).

To start using this service, visit the Check Adjustments Services setup page or contact your account executive.

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