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Check 21-Enabled Products Technical Information

The Federal Reserve Banks are committed to working with customers and vendors to help ensure the close collaboration necessary to implement Check 21-Enabled products. To promote interoperability, we have adopted the Accredited Standards Committee X9's Specifications for Electronic Exchange of Check and Image Data (DSTU X9.37-2003/X9.100-187-2013) for all our Check 21-Enabled products. The following documentation applies to all forward and return image cash letter (ICL) files and is designed to help you implement Check 21-Enabled products.

Image Quality Assurance Setting (PDF)

Defines the Image Quality Assurance (IQA) metrics performed on each check processed by the Federal Reserve Banks. It also defines the defect detection failure points (i.e., thresholds) for each metric.

Image Cash Letter Customer Documentation (PDF)

Describes how the DSTU X9.37- 2003/X9.100-187-2013 standard is used when a depository institution sends an ICL file as a deposit to the Federal Reserve Bank, or when the Federal Reserve Bank transfers, presents or returns an ICL file to a depository institution.

Guide to Connectivity Options (PDF)

Provides an overview of connectivity options for financial institutions and vendor personnel responsible for deploying and supporting connectivity to facilitate the exchange of ICLs with the Federal Reserve Banks. This document provides an overview of each connectivity option in order to assist customers in selecting the best alternative.

Check 21 Deposit and Receipt Options Guide (PDF)

Provides an overview of the Federal Reserve Banks' Image Cash Letter (ICL) deposit and receipt options for financial institutions.

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