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Become a Paying Agent for U.S. Savings Bonds

Thank you for your interest in becoming a paying agent for U.S. Savings Bonds. We are ready to work with you to make this a smooth and easy process. Below are the steps to take to become a paying agent. If you need advice or assistance at any step of the process, contact the Minneapolis Treasury Retail Securities site.

Image-enabled Savings Bond Processing

Redeemed paper savings bonds may be sent via image cash letters (ICLs) using the FedForward® Service. The Federal Reserve Banks now accept image-eligible redeemed savings bonds in FedForward ICLs. Information regarding image-enabled processing of redeemed paper savings bonds, including Frequently Asked Questions, can be found via the Image-enabled Savings Bond Processing page.

For resources to assist in redeeming savings bonds, visit the Savings Bonds News You Can Use page. We encourage you to bookmark the page and check back often for updated content.

Step 1 - Review Service Options

The following links will help you learn more about the U.S. Savings Bonds Program:

Step 2 - Review Rules and Regulations

Treasury regulations governing the U.S. Savings Bonds Program (Off-site) are in the Code of Federal Regulations. Treasury Department Circulars contain information about the statutes and regulations governing U.S. Savings Bonds.

Step 3 - Complete Forms/Agreements

Return the completed forms to the Minneapolis Treasury Retail Securities Site.

Step 4 - Make Plans for Redeeming Bonds

Once you have been qualified as a paying agent, you will need to make plans for submitting your redeemed bonds.

Image-Enabled Savings Bond Processing

The Federal Reserve Banks accept image-eligible savings bonds in mixed and separately sorted FedForward ICLs and separately sorted paper cash letters. While image-enabled savings bond processing is strongly preferred, paper savings bond deposits are also accepted. Financial institutions that are not FedForward services depositors, either directly or through a processor or correspondent, can contact their account executive or Check Services Customer Support at P: (877) 372-2457 to begin the process of signing up for these services.

For more information, visit the Image-enabled Savings Bond Processing page.

Tools for Redeeming Bonds

Circular 888 Stamp

The Circular 888 stamp helps you provide fast service to customers who redeem large quantities of savings bonds. Instead of the customer signing each savings bond, your institution stamps the back of each bond with the Circular 888 stamp.

To order a Circular 888 Stamp, contact the Minneapolis Treasury Retail Securities site.

Savings Bonds Pro®

Savings Bond Pro can help you electronically process U.S. Savings Bonds for your customers. To learn more or order this free software, visit the Savings Bond Pro website (Off-site).

Step 5 - Congratulations! Begin redeeming bonds.

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