We know savings bond redemptions can be complicated and, at times, confusing. Although we can’t make the redemption process less complicated, we can provide resources to make it less confusing. The U.S. Department of the Treasury, Bureau of the Fiscal Service, has created a new set of Savings Bond Redemptions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) specifically related to bond redemptions. Take a look at a couple of the questions and answers below. We hope you find these new FAQs helpful!

Q: What is involved in certifying a signature?

A: A signature is certified when the customer has signed the document in your presence, and you have verified both their identity and that the name and address on the form matches the documentation you have reviewed.1

Q: Can a bond be redeemed at the request of a customer when the two people named on the bond (as co-owners or as owner and beneficiary) are both deceased?

A: Yes, you may redeem a bond to the estate of the last decedent on a bond. Retain both death certificates and a copy of the letters of appointment for the representative. Redemption requests may also be sent to the Treasury Retail Securities Site.

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Do you have questions about redeeming savings bonds? Check out the new Savings Bond Redemptions FAQs page for answers.


1 Certification does not verify the bond value or entitlement of the customer.