The U.S. Currency Education Program’s first mobile app (Off-site) has arrived! Money Adventure is a fun, interactive smartphone and tablet app that helps students learn about the security and design features of Federal Reserve notes. This digital tool brings learning to students’ fingertips, making Money Adventure a classroom and at-home resource.

Money Adventure has two primary components — a note front explorer and a note back explorer. In the note front explorer, students can tilt and tap an interactive $20 bill to discover its unique features. In the note back explorer, students team up with Buck the Time-Traveling Dog on a quest through the historical events illustrated on the back of U.S. currency. This mode features Augmented Reality (AR) and allows users to place components of note backs within their actual surroundings using their device’s camera. After downloading the app, users can access these features without an internet connection.

Money Adventure is the mobile complement to the online K-5 Classroom (Off-site) platform. It’s equipped with easy-to-navigate activities for students and fun lesson plans for teachers. These materials are free to use, download and print at (Off-site).

Action Item:

Visit the app store on your iOS devices to download Money Adventure! The app will be Android-accessible in late 2019.