With spring in full swing, warm temperatures have arrived and many are making travel plans to enjoy tourist destinations. Are you planning to travel to a city where a Federal Reserve Bank is located? Did you know that many Federal Reserve Banks have their own museums that you can visit? Below, we feature museums located in the Second and Third Districts – if you are visiting the East Coast this season, be sure to check out the museums at the Federal Reserve Banks of New York and Philadelphia!

See all that shines at the Museum & Gold Vault Tour (Off-site)

At the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, located in the Financial District in Lower Manhattan, you can experience a tour of the world’s largest known depository of monetary gold. You can learn about the history of storing gold at the New York Fed and how it has changed over the years. Tour guides will also explain the roles and responsibilities of the Federal Reserve. Learn more about making tour reservations for school groups and the general public.

Experience the rich history displayed at the Money in Motion (Off-site) exhibit

Over 300,000 visitors have been to the Money in Motion exhibit at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. This exhibit will teach you about money, banking and the Federal Reserve System. Philadelphia is deeply rooted in our nation’s financial history – it is home to the first bank of the United States. Historical highlights you can discover at the Money in Motion exhibit include viewing money from the original 13 colonies, seeing a rare $100,000 bill and testing your knowledge of money against Benjamin Franklin. The Philadelphia Fed is open to nonscheduled visits for individuals or groups of fewer than 10 people. For a larger group, you can book your visit (Off-site) in advance.

Check out the table below for a listing of complimentary Federal Reserve Bank tours and exhibits.

LocationsTours and Exhibits
Board of Governors Prearranged tours (Off-site) of the Board’s Eccles Building in Washington, D.C. may be requested for groups of 10 to 25 people. The Board also presents a series of exhibitions annually as part of its Fine Arts Program (Off-site).
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston The Boston Fed does not have an exhibit or offer building tours.
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Learn more about the New York Fed’s Museum & Gold Vault Tour (Off-site) beyond the highlights above.
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia The Money in Motion (Off-site) exhibit has even more to offer than the features above.
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Take a group tour of the Cleveland Fed or schedule a guided tour of the Money Museum (Off-site).
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond The Fed Experience (Off-site) is an educational exhibit brought to you by the Richmond Fed.
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Visit the Atlanta Monetary Museum (Off-site) or tour (Off-site) the Atlanta Fed and two of its branches in Jacksonville or Miami.
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Check out the Chicago Fed's Money Museum (Off-site) and have your photo taken by our $1 million exhibit! You can also tour the Detroit Branch Visitors Center (Off-site).
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis There’s plenty to see at the Inside the Economy® Museum (Off-site) located at the historic St. Louis Fed, including interactive displays, sculptures and videos.
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Private group tours (Off-site) and public tours (Off-site) of the Minneapolis Fed are available with advance registration.
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Visit the Kansas City (Off-site) and Denver (Off-site) Money Museums.
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Stop by the Dallas Fed to see The Economy in Action (Off-site) exhibit. You can also tour (Off-site) the Dallas Fed and two of its branches in El Paso and Houston.
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco The Fed Center: Exploring our Nation’s Central Bank (Off-site) at the San Francisco Fed is designed to teach the public about the functions of the U.S. central bank. Tours (Off-site) are also available at the San Francisco Fed and its branches in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Seattle.

Be sure to keep these museums and exhibits in mind as your plan your travel in the future! Check out the links above for each location’s hours, directions and entry requirements. Many of the museums above also include virtual tours that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.


“Inside the Economy” is a registered trademark of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.