Summer is often the time of year when people tackle reading lists or catch up on their favorite TV shows. It’s also a great time to sit back, relax and tune in to a variety of Federal Reserve podcasts that are easy to listen to during the dog days of summer. 

For example, you can hear from small businesses about the challenges they face to grow and thrive in the New York Fed’s podcast, Bank Notes. From the St. Louis Fed, you can listen to stories of prominent female economists who are thriving in a male-dominated field or a podcast series covering economic topics for high school and college students.

Check out the table below to learn about a wide range of informative and entertaining podcast series from around the Federal Reserve System.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston The Boston Fed offers a variety of podcasts (Off-site) featuring selected speeches by Bank officials and presentations made at sponsored events. The topics range from higher education to strategic risks.
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Bank Notes (Off-site) is a podcast that dives into insights and analysis from the New York Fed. The first series focuses on the financial needs and challenges of small businesses.
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia In Moments in Money and Economics (Off-site), Philadelphia Fed Economic Education Advisor Andrew Hill, Ph.D., discusses topics in personal finance and economics.
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Listen to economic updates, speeches and more on the Richmond Fed’s podcasts page (Off-site).
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Check out the Atlanta Fed’s podcast series Economy Matters (Off-site), which focuses on economic issues regarding housing, the evolution of payment systems and more.
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis The St. Louis Fed’s Women in Economics (Off-site) podcast series shines a light on women who have built careers as prominent economists.
Economic Lowdown (Off-site) covers topics in economics, banking and monetary policy for high school and college students.
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco The podcast series Twice Around (Off-site) focuses on myth busting and gives insight and advice about achieving the American dream.