If your responsibilities include after-the-fact analysis of payment transactions, data availability can help ensure efficient risk management and compliance support procedures. The FedTransaction Analyzer tool was developed with these tasks in mind and continues to be a valuable tool in automating and standardizing after-the-fact analysis of Fedwire® transactions. Over the last seven years, we have continuously made enhancements to FedTransaction Analyzer based on customer feedback.

New video showcases FedTransaction Analyzer benefits and use cases

Are you a cash manager, operations manager, Treasury officer or a risk and compliance officer? Check out our video below, which highlights the Time of Day Activity Dashboard. This video walks through a number of use cases that highlight how the tool’s dynamic spreadsheet features and detail-level information can help support after-the-fact analysis for staff with risk management responsibilities.

Help with post-merger scenarios

In the event of a merger, surviving institutions with FedTransaction Analyzer will have access to the non-surviving institution’s Fedwire data immediately following the operational merger. By reviewing the post-merger data from non-surviving institutions, users can:

  • Monitor which customers are receiving wires on “non-surviving” routing numbers after the merger takes effect. This information can help ensure a seamless transition period for customers and can help validate final incoming wire transactions.
  • Review historical transaction data to help comply with investigations related to non-survivor institutions. This data can help you avoid the need to backload wire details and assists with research regardless of the wire platform of the acquired institution.

Data availability

Could your financial institution benefit from getting immediate access to your historical transaction-level Fedwire data? Customers with FedLine Advantage® Plus or higher packages receive FedTransaction Analyzer at no additional charge, and activating access is easy. You should first evaluate your risk management and compliance support needs and establish internal processes for data analysis, and then follow the steps outlined on the FedTransaction Analyzer page. If you are interested in experiencing the value and benefits that FedTransaction Analyzer can have for your financial institution, request that we contact you (Off-site).