Effective November 13, 2018, the FedPayments® Manager – Funds and FedPayments Manager – Securities applications migrated to a more modern user interface. These changes were announced in May 2018 for implementation in August 2018 but were temporarily delayed to allow institutions more time to ensure compliance with FedLine® Advantage browser requirements.

The modern user interface features a fresh look and feel, including an updated banner and color scheme. This release also provides the following benefits:

  • Expandable options in the left navigation menu
  • Improved search features for past messages
  • Up to 60 days of Fedwire® Securities Service statements
  • More consistent and intuitive navigation features

In addition, this release includes a number of enhancements to the security features and verification options that affect outgoing messages created using the FedPayments Manager – Funds application, and submitted to the Fedwire Funds Service for processing.

Action Item:

Make sure you comply! Subscribers using non-compatible browsers or browser settings are unable to send or receive instructions (or receive advices) via the FedPayments Manager – Funds or FedPayments Manager – Securities applications.

It is critical that your organization comply with all FedLine Advantage Hardware and Software Requirements. Specifically, all FedPayments Manager Subscribers must take action to ensure compliance with each of the following three browser-related requirements:

  1. Use Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 11, which is required for accessing FedLine Web
  2. Use Compatibility View in Internet Explorer 11
  3. Ensure that Enterprise Mode in Internet Explorer 11 is not enabled

If action is not taken, non-compatible Subscribers will continue to be unable to access FedPayments Manager. Furthermore, the Federal Reserve Banks will be unable to reinstate access to the FedPayments Manager applications for Subscribers using non-compatible browsers or settings.

Contact your Wholesale Operations Support Contacts if you have any questions related to these enhancements.


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