The Federal Reserve Banks are pleased to announce that in 2019, our customers will again see overall relatively stable pricing with modest increases for a few specific services. The price changes planned for 2019 reflect our continuing commitment to offering our customers efficient and dependable services while maintaining the integrity of those services and meeting the Federal Reserve Banks’ obligation of cost recovery. Details on the specific changes can be found on the service fees page and in the 2019 Pricing Announcement Letter.

Services remaining unchanged in 2019:

Services with changes in 2019:

FedLine® Solutions

No fee increases are planned for 2019 for the FedLine Command®, FedLine Advantage®, FedLine Web®, FedLine Exchange® or FedMail® Solutions. However, to allow our FedLine Command Solution customers more flexibility, server certificates will now be bundled into the solution so customers will no longer pay an à la carte fee.

We will also be offering an enhanced FedLine Direct® Solution that addresses customer demand for heightened resiliency, faster speeds and greater efficiency. This solution will include the ability to run all payments traffic across FedLine Direct as well. These enhancements will be introduced to our customers over the coming months. Additionally, your institution may see fee increases if you continue to use legacy technology, specifically FedLine Direct Plus (256K) and additional 256K connections.

Check Services

In light of the continued decline of check volume in the industry, we are making several adjustments to our Check Services fees. As a result, our customers can expect to see modest increases in FedForward®, FedReturn®, FedReceipt® and FedImage® fees. Also in 2019, we will continue our annual exercise of reassigning tier designations for some endpoints to more accurately reflect their current presentment volumes. Additionally, we will be implementing a quality improvement initiative for Check Adjustments Services. This effort aims to reduce payment system inefficiencies that result from certain check deposit errors and inaccurate submission of check adjustment cases.

Fedwire® Securities Service and Fedwire Funds Service

The Fedwire Securities Service will increase the online Agency Securities Transfer and Claims Adjustment fees.

Fedwire Funds Service fees will remain relatively stable. The fee for offline origination and receipt wires will have a minimal increase.


If you have any questions about product and fee changes or how they may affect your institution, please contact your account executive. The Federal Reserve Board’s press release (Off-site) provides an overview of the fee changes planned for next year. All changes will be effective January 2, 2019.

We value the trust you place in us and our services and look forward to working with you in 2019.