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FedCash® File Upload

FedCash File Upload via FedLine Web® allows you to submit cash orders and deposit notifications via an electronic file that is formatted in Extensible Markup Language (XML). The file upload feature provides an efficient alternative to manual entries, particularly if your institution has a large number of endpoints, and it is a convenient way to generate the transaction file.

Discover the benefits of FedCash File Upload

  • Saves time by allowing you to upload multiple orders rather than manually enter each order individually
  • Delivers a convenient method to generate your transaction file
  • Equips your institution with ordering flexibility. As an additional service option, your institution can still place one time orders within FedCash Services via FedLine Web

Determine if FedCash File Upload is right for your institution

Start enjoying more ordering flexibility and save time now. To begin using this service, consult your local FedCash Services contact. If your institution does not currently have FedLine Web, view the FedLine Web Setup forms.

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