In response to your feedback, the Federal Reserve Banks have been updating the way we deliver information and services to customers. In late 2017, we launched a new user interface for FRBservices.orgSM, a new logo and our online Fed360® publication. In November 2018, we modernized the user interface for FedPayments® Manager applications and several functions of FedCash® Services. As part of these ongoing efforts to improve your experience, in late February, we updated FedLine® Home to align with the redesigned, to improve usability and to enhance security.

What has changed?

The design and navigation within FedLine Home have changed to align with customer feedback. URLs have changed for the home page, applications and features within FedLine Home. Additionally, updates have been made to the technical infrastructure of FedLine Home to enhance security and increase efficiencies.

Action Item:

  1. Update your bookmarks: FedLine Home URLs have changed, so existing bookmarks to FedLine Home features and applications will no longer work. EUACs and Subscribers will need to log in to FedLine Home using one of the methods below based on their FedLine Solution. They can then navigate to the applications and features they wish to use.
    • FedLine Web: Log in via the Access FedLine Web page
    • FedLine Advantage: Log in using the FedLine Advantage Connection Utility installed on your desktop
  2. Ensure compliance with FedLine browser requirements: It is critical that your organization comply with all hardware and software requirements for FedLine Web and FedLine Advantage. Specifically, all FedLine Subscribers must take action to ensure compliance with each of the following three browser-related requirements:
    • Use Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 11, which is required for accessing FedLine Web
    • Use Compatibility View in Internet Explorer 11
    • Ensure that Enterprise Mode in Internet Explorer 11 is not enabled

Failure to comply with the above requirements will result in Subscribers being unable to access critical payment and information services and applications through FedLine Web or FedLine Advantage.

Where can I find more information?

Your organization’s EUACs and Subscribers can see an overview of the changes in our training video, which is available in the Learning Center.

If you have questions about these changes, please contact the Customer Contact Center (CCC)


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