Do you have questions about changing or canceling a FedCash® Services currency order? Do you need help requesting access to FedLine® Solutions? How do you handle contaminated or mutilated currency? When should you contact your local Federal Reserve Cash Office or the Customer Contact Center (CCC)?

The Federal Reserve has compiled a Fast Facts poster (PDF) for quick answers for these frequently asked questions. This reference guide provides information on who to call for various questions about FedCash Services and FedLine Solutions.

This poster is an excellent document to use for any business continuity issues your organization may experience. Print it, keep it handy and share with your staff so they know who to contact for their questions. You will find helpful tips and information such as links to FedCash contacts and forms. In addition, we have featured guidance on handling contaminated or mutilated currency and coin.

Action Item:

Download, print and share the Fast Facts poster (PDF) with your organization.

The Fast Facts poster can be located in the FedCash Services section of the Contact page.