Based on customer feedback, FedTransaction Analyzer® now allows financial institutions with multiple settlement relationships to access longer reporting periods when downloading their historical Fedwire® Funds Service activity. These reporting periods range from five days to 18 months and are set for each institution based on its volume of transactions and number of settlement relationships. The reporting period for your particular institution can be found within the FedTransaction Analyzer user interface when entering specific date ranges for new reports.

FedTransaction Analyzer provides a concise and consolidated view of master and sub-account activity. As a network hub, FedTransaction Analyzer consolidates Fedwire information despite operational complexities. This consolidation removes critical barriers to understanding historical information for many operational activities, such as subpoenas for wires from acquired routing numbers, or technology complications like varied platforms and connections. FedTransaction Analyzer also makes your institution’s relationship to each transaction transparent with sent, received or on-us (transferred within the master account family) designations in analytic views.

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