The Federal Reserve Banks host a variety of webinars and educational events throughout the year. On the Federal Reserve Bank Webinars page, we have a partial listing of these events to support your financial institution’s use of our services.

One product featured on this page is FedTransaction Analyzer®, a subscription-based tool that facilitates after-the-fact analysis of Fedwire® Funds transactions and provides funds data for ingestion into compliance tools. Available at no additional cost to FedLine Advantage® Plus and Premier customers, this tool provides access to the past seven years of data. It helps in the analysis and aggregation of transaction data for trending, assessing potential exception activity and customer reporting. FedTransaction Analyzer’s Fed Account integration helps eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual processes related to risk management and compliance support procedures even for acquired subaccount routing and transit numbers. The tool provides useful Microsoft® Excel® research templates populated with your data for easy analysis of account and counterparty activity, including potential international wires originated with an ISO® Business Identifier Code.

Currently, we have four webinars for FedTransaction Analyzer available. These webinars are free and available 24/7. See the table below for a description of each of the webinars. Click on the links to register for or play the webinars.

FedTransaction Analyzer Webcast (Off-site) Learn about the basics of the FedTransaction Analyzer tool as a whole.
FedTransaction Analyzer: Time of Day Activity Dashboard (Off-site) Find out how the Time of Day Activity Dashboard helps the user view hour-by-hour summary information, filter transaction types and drill in to see the associated detail.
FedTransaction Analyzer: Beneficiary Identifier Research Report (Off-site) Learn how the Beneficiary Identifier Research Report summarizes inbound wires by beneficiaries, helping the user understand activity with specific use cases.
FedTransaction Analyzer: Originator Identifier Research Report (Off-site) Discover how the Originator Identifier Research Report can be used by four key roles within a financial institution to analyze originator activity.

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