As previously announced, the Federal Reserve Banks will soon modernize the user interface for the ordering, depositing, cross-shipping and administrative functions of FedCash® Services via the FedLine Web® Solution. Key changes will include:

  • A more modern, user-friendly, intuitive interface consistent with industry standards
  • A new technical infrastructure that will help make the application more secure and resilient and provide the foundation for future features and capabilities that are not possible with the current infrastructure

Implementation will begin at 10 p.m. ET on Friday, November 16 and go through 6 p.m. ET on Sunday, November 18, 2018. During this time, the FedCash Services application will be unavailable for transactions. Beginning November 19, FedLine® Subscribers with one or more of the following access levels will see the changes upon accessing the FedCash application:

  • Cash Services - User
  • Cash Services - Administrator
  • Cash Services - Cross-Shipping
  • Cash Services - Read Only
  • Deposit Notification Only for Armored Carriers
  • Deposit Notification Only for Depository Institutions

For more detailed information about the changes, please refer to the new Product Guide located in the FedCash Services section of the Learning Center within FedLine Home. The guide provides images of the new user interface and an overview of what to expect on November 19.

Action Item:

It is critical that your organization comply with all FedLine Web Hardware and Software Requirements before the November 19, 2018 release. Specifically, all FedCash Subscribers must take action to ensure compliance with each of the following three browser-related requirements:

  1. Use Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 11, which is required for accessing FedLine Web
  2. Use Compatibility View in Internet Explorer 11
  3. Ensure that Enterprise Mode in Internet Explorer 11 is not enabled

Otherwise, Subscribers may not be able to access FedCash Services after the November 19, 2018 release.

We will continue to provide detailed updates to impacted organizations and their affected FedLine Subscribers throughout the implementation. If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Contact Center at (888) 333-7010. We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to provide you with efficient, high-quality payments services.


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