The Ops Stop provides your organization with a one-stop shop full of helpful operational resources offered by the Federal Reserve Banks. For this month’s installment, we are reviewing the roles needed to establish access to Federal Reserve Bank Services and manage your FedLine® connection.

Whether your organization is new to FedLine or has been a customer for years, understanding FedLine roles is vital to maintaining your connection and accessing services. The table below shows the key roles that your organization needs to have in place to set up and manage your Federal Reserve Bank Services via FedLine Solutions. Your organization should review your staff who fill these roles on at least an annual basis to ensure that they remain accurate and appropriate. You should also regularly review contact information for staff in these roles so they can receive timely, critical email updates from the Federal Reserve Banks.

RoleWhat are the responsibilities of this role?How can my organization update or add contacts in this role?
FedLine Subscriber Your organization’s Subscribers are the individuals who are authorized to access the services and applications offered via the FedLine Advantage® and FedLine Web® Solutions. Learn more on the Subscriber Access Level Descriptions page. If your organization needs to add, modify or delete a Subscriber’s access, an EUAC should submit a Subscriber request via “Manage Subscribers” in the EUAC Center.
End User Authorization Contact (EUAC) Regarding your FedLine connection, EUACs are the primary contacts between your organization and the Federal Reserve Banks. One of the most important responsibilities of FedLine Web and FedLine Advantage EUACs is managing Subscriber access. FedLine Direct® and FedLine Command® EUACs manage server certificates for those solutions. Learn more on the EUAC Support page. To add, modify or delete an EUAC, the EUAC should work with an individual listed on your organization’s OAL to submit the appropriate EUAC form, available on the FedLine Solutions Forms page.
Official Authorization List (OAL) The individuals listed on your OAL have the legal authority to take actions on behalf of your organization with respect to your Federal Reserve Bank account and your use of Federal Reserve Bank Services. These contacts are responsible for authorizing changes to your organization's EUACs. To update your OAL, please visit the Accounting Services Forms page for the appropriate forms and agreements or contact your District’s Board Resolution and OAL Contacts.

FedLine Web and FedLine Advantage EUACs can review their organizations’ current list of Subscribers via the EUAC Center within FedLine Home. For security reasons, we can only share the names of your organization’s EUACs with individuals listed on your OAL. If you do not know who your organization’s EUACs are, please consult an individual listed on your organization’s OAL. If you do not know which individuals are listed on your OAL or if you have other questions related to FedLine roles, please contact the Customer Contact Center.