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My organization does not currently use FedLine Web® or does not have access to FedLine Web

You must sign up for FedLine Web in order to access FedCash Access Manager. FedLine Web provides your organization with flexible and powerful access to information through a secure Federal Reserve Bank website.

An End User Authorization Contact (EUAC) must submit a Subscriber request via the EUAC Center within FedLine Home for each individual who will be authorized to access FedLine Web services and applications.

Pricing information for all FedLine Solutions is available on our Service Fees page.

NOTE: FedCash Services is free to customers that use FedLine Web for FedCash Services only.

Once you have successfully signed up for FedLine Web, you can sign up for FedCash Access Manager by following the steps outlined below.

Step 1 — Identify an Administrative ABA Number

To allow your organization the most efficient use of FedCash Access Manager, we encourage you to select one Administrative ABA number for which all ABAs and endpoints will be linked. The Administrative ABA can be:

  • The ABA assigned to your organization's corporate headquarters
  • The ABA assigned to your organization's billing ABA

Step 2 — Identify an Employee for the Administrator Access Level

To use FedCash Access Manager, your organization will need to select an employee to perform the Administrator role. The Administrator will have the ability to restrict other employees' access to a specific endpoint and/or to a group of select endpoints across ABAs for placing cash orders/deposits or viewing cash reports.

NOTE: It's recommended that you select at least one back-up Administrator for contingency purposes.

Step 3 — Request Credentials

An End User Authorization Contact (EUAC) from your organization should submit a Subscriber request via the EUAC Center within FedLine Home.

Step 4 — Obtain Subscriber Credential Components

Upon the Federal Reserve Banks' completion of a Subscriber request, a passphrase will be emailed to the Subscriber and a FedLine security token will be mailed to the EUAC who submitted the request.

NOTE: Once the ABAs have been linked, any Subscriber with a new or old credential will be able to order for all ABAs until the previous credential has been deleted and the Administrator has restricted access on new credentials.

Step 5 — Restrict access to Subscribers

The Administrator can restrict the endpoints a Subscriber can order currency and/or coin for.

Step 6 — Distribute FedLine security tokens to new Subscribers

After the Administrator has restricted Subscriber access, the EUAC will distribute FedLine security tokens to the Subscribers.

NOTE: Tokens can be distributed before access is restricted; however, this is not recommended.

Step 7 — Begin using FedCash Access Manager

For Subscribers, the ordering process works as it did before. Subscribers may have more or fewer endpoints visible to them depending on parameters of their new credential.


Customer Contact Center

For access problems, application malfunctions and questions about how to use the application.

Cash Services Support

For assistance with cash transactions, such as correcting an order that was submitted in error, adding to your list of Authorized ABAs, or determining local order and deposit procedures.

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