Resolving Automated Clearing House (ACH) exceptions just became a lot easier. As of April 8, the FedACH® Exception Resolution Service is now available to all FedACH customers. This service allows financial institutions to manage ACH exception cases through the FedLine Web® or FedLine Advantage® Solutions.

FedLine® Subscribers with the role of “FedACH Exception Resolution Service” can begin viewing and responding to cases received from other participating FedACH customers. You can access the service in FedLine under the FedACH tab by clicking on the Exception Resolution Service link.

Partial Service Participant mode

All current FedLine Subscribers with the role of FedACH Information Services, and the ABAs their roles are associated with, are automatically enrolled in the new Exception Resolution Service Subscriber role in a Partial Service Participant mode. This mode allows financial institutions to only respond to ACH exception cases they receive through the service. This initial automatic enrollment was a one-time event, and no fees will be assessed for these Subscribers’ use of this Partial Service Participant mode.  

Full Service Participant mode

The Full Service Participant mode provides the same functionality as the Partial Service Participant mode, plus the ability to open ACH exception cases. The Full Service Participant mode is available to existing Exception Resolution Service Subscribers and all other FedACH customers.

Action Item:

Financial institutions interested in the Full Service Participant mode must complete Part 6F (PDF) of the FedACH Participation Agreement. Your institution will be billed the associated monthly participation fee and a per-case fee.

Offline Service Participant mode

The “offline” version of the service is also available for financial institutions that wish to process ACH exceptions outside of a FedLine connection and have a low number of exception cases per month.

Please contact your account executive or FedACH and Check Services Customer Support with questions. We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to provide you with high-quality and efficient payment services.