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FedACH® Exception Resolution Service Quick Reference Guide (QRG)

This guide is designed to provide helpful guidance on how to submit FedACH exception cases, the allowable case types for submitting exceptions and supporting documentation requirements. Refer to the FedACH Exception Resolution Service Message Flow (PDF) for more information on the message types processed using FedLine® Solutions.

Case Types

Includes detailed information for case types including:

  • Listing of the proper usage of each case type
  • Action to be taken by your financial institution
  • Action taken by the Federal Reserve Banks
  • Information requirements for opening a case

General Notes

Find general information regarding FedACH Exception Resolution Service requests and documentation guidelines.

Federal Reserve Bank Offline Service Participants

Federal Reserve Bank Offline Service Participants are financial institutions that have designated the Federal Reserve Banks as an authorized user to access and use the functionality of the application on behalf of the Offline Service Participant. The Federal Reserve Banks will request and respond to ACH exception case requests coming through the Exception Resolution Service for customers who have signed up under a completed Participation Agreement (PDF). Federal Reserve Bank Offline Service Participants:

  • Are limited to a maximum of 20 initiated requests per month
  • May not initiate ACH exception case messages using the General (GNRL) case type
  • Must have a correct phone number and email address on file
  • Will be contacted between 8:30 a.m. ET and 5:00 p.m. ET if the Federal Reserve Banks need to facilitate and communicate responses to requests
  • Are required to download and complete the FedACH Exceptions Case Request Form (PDF) and email it along with any attachments to to initiate an exception case
    • Completed requests received by 3:00 p.m. ET will be entered the same business day

FedACH Exception Resolution Service Status Reports

Available to FedLine Solutions customers with access to the Exception Resolution application as a menu option. The report is generated at the end of each processing day and it will provide depository financial institutions (DFIs) with a daily recap of the ACH Exceptions where they are the Requestor or Responder and reflect all requests that are pending an action from the DFI.

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