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FedGlobal® ACH Payments Processing Resources

The following resources will help you better understand and use FedGlobal ACH Payments to their fullest potential.

FedGlobal Service Origination Manual (PDF)

Provides a service overview, the implementation steps and technical requirements to participate in FedGlobal ACH Payments.

FedGlobal Frequently Asked Questions

Includes answers to the most commonly asked questions about the service.

Exchange Rates (FX)

Provides exchange rate information, including daily exchange rates and an archive of rates published during the previous year, for international Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions via the suite of FedGlobal Services.

Directo a México® BAR Presentation (PDF)

Provides an overview of Directo a México and the BAR website.

Directo a México and BAR website Frequently Asked Questions

Answers the most commonly asked questions about Directo a México and the BAR website.

CLABE Verification Calculator (XLS)

Helps you verify the validity of the check digit (last digit in the CLABE).

Please visit the FedGlobal Services pages or contact your account executive for more information.

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