Last year, the Federal Reserve Banks updated security controls for the FedLine Advantage®, FedLine Command®, FedLine Direct® and Check 21 Large File Delivery Solutions as a part of our ongoing commitment to security. Organizations that use these FedLine® Solutions and their End User Authorization Contacts (EUACs) are responsible for ensuring their staff complies with these security controls as required by Operating Circular 5 (OC 5). As the Federal Reserve Banks prepare to launch the pilot phase of the FedLine Solutions Security Assurance Program, we want to remind you to ensure you comply with these security controls.

The security controls we updated last year cover the following topics:

  • PC and Operating System Controls
  • Server and Middleware Controls
  • Device Controls
  • Network Controls
  • Operational Controls

Why does your organization need to comply with these security controls?

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, we want to remind our customers of the importance of the Federal Reserve Banks’ security controls. These security practices help address new and changing risks. The security controls are intended to be in alignment with industry best practices and are critical for organizations using FedLine Solutions to maintain a high level of security.

Action Item:

OC 5 contains the terms and conditions that your organization is legally obligated to comply with in order to use the Federal Reserve Banks’ electronic connections. Your organization should regularly review its OC 5 compliance.

EUACs are the primary contacts between your organization and the Federal Reserve Banks when it comes to your FedLine connection. We continue to encourage you to work with your EUACs and other staff to review these security documents and practices outlined in OC 5. If you have any questions about OC 5 compliance, please contact your account executive or the Customer Contact Center.