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FedLine® Security Tokens Frequently Asked Questions


What is a FedLine security token? The answer to this and some other commonly asked questions about FedLine security token use and Federal Reserve Bank Services requirements are below.

The Federal Reserve Banks are committed to providing secure access to critical information and applications. We rely on your organization's support and diligence toward maintaining secure FedLine Solutions connections. A critical component of our security framework is the use of a FedLine security token.

If your question is not answered by the information provided below, please call the Customer Contact Center (CCC).

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a FedLine security token?

    FedLine security tokens are read-only, non-storage, multi-factor USB devices used to authenticate individuals accessing certain FedLine Solutions. The FedLine security token is a two-factor security device used to uniquely identify individuals accessing the FedLine Web® and FedLine Advantage® Solutions.

  2. What do "multi-factor" and "two-factor" mean?

    Multi-factor is a type of authentication that requires multiple forms of verification to allow access to a system. A two-factor device, such as a FedLine security token, requires two forms of verification in order to grant access. This type of authentication is usually met in the form of something you "have" (e.g., a FedLine security token) and something you "know" (e.g., a passphrase).

  3. Why do the Federal Reserve Banks use FedLine security tokens?

    FedLine security tokens provide a widely accepted, easy-to-use and reliable approach to two-factor authentication (a form of multi-factor authentication).

  4. Are there any hardware requirements for using a token?

    Use of a FedLine security token requires that a USB port be available on the Subscriber's desktop/laptop.

  5. What if my computer doesn't have a USB port?

    Because use of a FedLine security token requires a USB port, you would not be able to use your computer to access services that require a FedLine security token.

  6. Are there any software requirements for using a FedLine security token?

    USB tokens require a one-time installation of token client software on the individual’s desktop. This software is provided with the FedLine security token.

  7. Is there any risk of data leakage or data theft as a result of FedLine security token use?

    FedLine security tokens are tamper-resistant and read-only devices that are designed to prevent anything from being written to (or extracted from) them.

  8. Is there any risk of a virus being loaded to my computer as a result of FedLine security token use?

    FedLine security tokens are designed so that individuals are unable to write to or from them, which safeguards against viruses or malware being installed on a FedLine security token.

  9. Can my organization use a thin client or some other hardware configuration?

    No, the Federal Reserve Banks do not support thin client configurations. For more information, please refer to our FedLine Web or FedLine Advantage hardware and software requirements.

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