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FedCash® Cross-shipping Reports

FedCash Cross-shipping Reports via FedLine Web® provide information regarding your institution's cross-shipping activity. By using this information to monitor cross-shipping activity, your institution can determine effective processes to manage and potentially avoid cross-shipping fees, as well as support the efficiency of currency circulation.

Four reports deliver timely and critical information regarding cross-shipping.

  • Cross-shipping Fees Report — view cross-shipping fees by period and by the institution to which your credential gives you access with the ability to drill down into how the fee was calculated. In addition, you can conveniently view and download information for all zones at one time using the All Zones button.
  • Institution List Report — lists the ABA numbers and endpoints assigned to your institution that have access to FedCash Services with the Federal Reserve Bank.
  • Waiver Summary Report — lists all cross-shipping activity waivers granted to your institution during selected billing periods.
  • Download Detail Report — provides a quick and easy way to download deposit and order detail activity information by zone and sub-zone, for a specific date range or quarter, denomination and institution.

For more information about FedCash Services processing and operations, visit the FedCash pages or consult your local FedCash Services contact.

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