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FedCash® Services Coin Depositing and Ordering

Deposit Process and Standards

Federal Reserve Banks accept only genuine, current U.S. coin for deposit. Deposits of the following are NOT accepted at the Federal Reserve Banks:

  • Foreign coin
  • Bent or partial coin
  • Contaminated coin
  • Counterfeit or unlawfully altered coin

Depository Institutions (DIs) should forward counterfeit or unlawfully altered coin directly to their local U.S. Secret Service office (Off-site). If the Federal Reserve Bank detects counterfeit or unlawfully altered coin in a DI's deposit, it is forwarded to the Secret Service, and the DI is charged for the difference.

To prepare a deposit of current U.S. coin:

  • Piece count and verify the coin.
  • Do not mix coins of different denominations in the same bag.
  • Include only U.S. coin; under no circumstances should currency, checks or other valuables be included.
  • Sack loose coin by denomination in canvas bags or high density plastic bags. Canvas bags or high density plastic bags must have "tamper-evident" seals so that any signs of tampering will be clearly visible.
  • Refer to the following guidelines for preparing a deposit of loose dollar coins
    • Eisenhower dollars should be sacked separately from Susan B. Anthony dollars, Native American dollars and Presidential dollars.
    • Susan B. Anthony dollars, Native American dollars and Presidential dollars can be mixed in the same bag.
  • Secure each canvas bag using a tamper-evident seal with your institution's identification; if using plastic bags, ensure each bag possesses a tamper-evident seal.
  • Label each bag with a tag that shows denomination, dollar amount, your institution's name and ABA routing number, and the four-digit endpoint number of the depositing office. Any bag that is not labeled with an office identification number will be credited to your head office. If using canvas bags, each bag must have a tag that is color-coded in accordance with ABA standards based on denomination.

The bags containing your deposit must be securely sealed to ensure that unauthorized access can be easily detected. Use a seal that cannot be compromised without detection and bears your institution's identification. We may refuse a deposit if the integrity of a bag appears to have been compromised, or if the seal does not effectively deter access to the bag's contents.

For more information, refer to the Coin Deposits section of the Deposit Visual Reference Guide.

Order Process and Standards

Frequency of Service

For each endpoint, the basic level of service is one deposit and one order of coin per week. The Federal Reserve Banks recognize that factors such as volume and cost may require less frequent service to some endpoints and more frequent service to others.

The Federal Reserve Banks may, at their discretion, partially fill orders to maintain coin inventories. We may refuse deposits, defer or reverse credit, and/or return deposits if an institution fails to comply with any of the terms of Operating Circular 2. Returns are at an institution's risk and expense.

Standard Depositing and Ordering Units

Denomination, bag amount and bag tag color for deposits and orders.
Denomination Bag Amount Bag Tag Color
Pennies $50 Red
Nickels $200 Blue
Dimes $1000 Green
Quarters $1000 Orange
Halves $1000 Buff
Eisenhower Dollars (deposit only*) $1000 Gray
Presidential/Native American/Susan B. Anthony Dollars $2000 Gray


*Please contact your local FedCash Services contact before ordering Eisenhower dollars because they are subject to availability.

Access to Coin Ordering and Depositing

Institutions may order cash via FedLine Web®.

For more information about FedCash Services processing and operations, visit the FedCash Services pages or consult your local FedCash Services contact.

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