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Daily Carrier Run Frequently Asked Questions

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Daily Carrier Run Questions

  1. How did the order process change for depository institutions (DIs) with the implementation of Carrier Run functionality?

    The implementation of a "daily" or a five business day ordering period enabled DIs to order currency and coin from their Reserve Bank each business day of the week regardless of its established armored carrier schedule. For DIs that have a "daily" carrier run, there was no change to the process. For DIs that have a specific day or days of the week they can place orders, they are required to enter the ship date.

  2. How has the special order process changed?

    With the implementation of a "daily" or a five business day ordering period, DIs are no longer required to notify their servicing Federal Reserve Bank when placing orders outside of their normal armored carrier schedule. However, DIs are required to make special arrangements with their armored carrier to ensure pick-up and delivery occurs on the scheduled date. Fees may be assessed by the armored carrier for additional or special arrangement situations.

  3. Is this a blanket requirement for all ordering DIs?

    Yes. Daily Carrier Run (DCR) applies to orders entered by a DI, File Upload, or Order for/Order by relationship.

  4. What is an order date?

    The order date is the day the DI places an order using the FedLine Web® Solution.

  5. What is a shipment date?

    The shipment date is the date the order is available for the DI's armored carrier to pick-up from the Federal Reserve Bank. It is the DI's responsibility to ensure the selected shipment date is also its armored carrier's scheduled pick-up date from the Federal Reserve Bank.

    Please Note: This is a date that is selected when DIs place their order in the FedLine Web® Solution. The date can be selected up to five (5) days in advance, so DIs need to ensure that the shipment date selected coincides with the date its carrier is scheduled to pick-up the DI's order from the Federal Reserve Bank.

  6. What is a delivery date?

    The delivery date is the date the DI's armored carrier delivers the order to the DI. Please note that the delivery date is strictly an arrangement between the DI and its armored carrier.

  7. At what point in the order process will the DI's account be debited?

    The DI's account is debited the morning of the day the DI selected as its shipment date.

  8. If a DI inadvertently selected a shipment date when its carrier was not scheduled to perform a pick-up at the Federal Reserve, and the DI's account is debited even though the order was not picked up, at what point will the DI's account be credited?

    The DI's account will be credited at the close of the business day at the servicing Federal Reserve Bank. The next business day, the order will again be available for pick-up; therefore, the DI's account will be debited for the amount of the order. If the carrier is not able to pick-up the order on the next business day, it is recommended the DI contact the servicing Federal Reserve Bank to have the order canceled.

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