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Check 21 Duplicate Notification Service Frequently Asked Questions

Federal Reserve Financial Services is committed to providing the answers and information you need. Answers to many of our customers' most frequently asked questions can be found using the links below.

If your question is not answered by the information provided on the site, Contact provides a comprehensive list of service and support contacts that can assist you.

General Questions

  1. Is the Check 21 Duplicate Notification Service available to all check processing organizations?

    The service enables industry-wide communication capability for organizations subscribing to the Federal Reserve Banks' FedMail® electronic messaging system. It provides timely notice and contact information about duplicate file events to other FedMail Subscribers.

  2. How can my organization subscribe to FedMail?

    Financial institutions may enroll in FedMail by completing the FedMail Setup process.

  3. My financial institution already subscribes to FedMail. What do I need to do to use the service?

    If your financial institutions already subscribes to FedMail Check Adjustments and/or Check 21 Acknowledgements, you may begin to send or receive notification regarding duplicate events immediately. The notification will be sent using the same method you receive FedMail notifications today (email or fax).

    However, if you only use FedMail for a non-priced service, you will be required to opt out of the Check 21 Duplicate Notification Service or you will begin to be charged the monthly fee to access FedMail.

  4. Is there a separate fee for originators and receivers?

    No. The monthly FedMail fee enables all currently priced FedMail Check Subscribers to send and receive notifications regarding duplicate item events. Please refer to the current FedLine® Solutions Fee Schedule for more information.

Sending a Notification

  1. What is the process for submitting information if my financial institution creates a duplicate situation?

    As a depositing institution (sender) that created the Check 21 duplicate situation, you can easily notify impacted paying institutions (receivers) that a duplicate event has occurred. First, access the Check 21 Duplicate Notification Service. A spreadsheet template is available so you can input the paying institutions’ (receivers’) ABAs, number of items and dollar amounts; this spreadsheet is required to complete your request.
    Duplicate Check 1

  2. As a depositing institution (sender), what kind of notification will be provided indicating that FedMail has received my request to distribute a notification to the affected routing numbers?

    You will receive a file receipt confirmation number and information about your next steps in the notification process.

  3. Is the information put into the template verified to be sure it is valid?

    An error report will be generated indicating which lines of the spreadsheet contain invalid routing numbers as shown below. However, no further validation is performed by the Federal Reserve Banks.

    Duplicate Check Screen Shot
  4. Will my financial institution be informed regarding the status of the message distribution to paying institutions (receivers)?

    There will not be any information provided as to which routing numbers were reached in the distribution.

  5. Are there any special terms or conditions placed on the depositing institution (sender) when creating a notification?

    The depositing institution (sender) must indicate acceptance of service terms and conditions in order to originate a message.

  6. Will all routing numbers involved in a duplicate item event be informed?

    No. Only institutions that subscribe to FedMail Check Adjustments and/or Check 21 Acknowledgements will receive notification that provide the information. Hence, not all affected routing numbers will receive the communication, unless all of them subscribe to the service.

  7. As a depositing institution (sender), will I know who receives the notification?

    No. There is not a return receipt indicating which paying institutions (receivers) received the email notification.

Receiving a Notification

  1. Can a paying institution (receiver) use the Check 21 Duplicate Notification Service if a shared mailbox is used for email delivery?


  2. Will notifications be consolidated for multiple routing numbers?

    No. Paying institutions (receivers) will be sent a notification to the FedMail email addresses that the Federal Reserve Bank has on file. Notifications via email will not be consolidated for multiple routing numbers.

  3. Will paying institutions (receivers) be able to respond to the originator via the FedMail email?

    The service is intended to provide basic information to financial institutions affected by the duplicate file event so that follow-up communications can take place between affected users. The originator’s contact information will be contained within the notification in the event a receiver requires additional information.

  4. As a receiver, what kind of information can I expect to receive regarding a duplicate file event?

    A message will be sent using the address on file in the FedMail system for Check Adjustments and/or Check 21 Acknowledgement subscribers. The notification will include basic information provided by the originator of a duplicate file event, including the originator’s contact information.

    If additional individuals at your institution need the ability to send and/or receive duplicate notifications, please complete the FedMail Request Form (PDF).

  5. Where can I find additional information?

    For more information about the Check 21 Duplicate Notification Service, please visit the service page or email the Customer Contact Center (CCC) at Please be sure to provide your name, routing number, phone number and institution name.

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