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Foreign and Canadian Check Processing

The Federal Reserve Banks offer the Foreign Check Collection Service for checks drawn on depository institutions outside of the Federal Reserve System, including Canadian checks.

If your institution uses the forward check collection services of the Federal Reserve Bank, you may take advantage of the Foreign Check Collection Service.

Foreign and Canadian Cash Letter Forms

The Foreign and Canadian Items Cash Letters will auto populate Federal Reserve Bank routing information to ensure the cash letter reaches the Atlanta processing site. All Canadian checks should be sorted into the proper category according to whether they are denominated in U.S. or Canadian dollar using the appropriate cash letter form. Mail all Foreign and Canadian Item Cash Letters to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta for processing.

Please review the Canadian Check Collection User Guide or the Foreign Check Collection User Guide for more information.

Set up Information

Information and sign-up documentation to register for Foreign Check Processing (required).

Foreign Check User Guide

Checks drawn on depository institutions outside of the Federal Reserve System can be forwarded to the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank Office for collection. The process is easy. Here is all you need to know to get started.

Canadian Check Collection User Guide

The purpose of this User's Guide is to assist you in using the Foreign Check Collection Service to process Canadian work. We hope you will find the handling of Canadian items to be a simpler process by using this guide. Basic procedures for preparing and receiving Canadian work are outlined in this manual.

Current Canadian Exchange Rate

Current Canadian exchange rates for the last two weeks.
Week Exchange Rate
11-25-19 to 11-29-19 0.7457
11-18-19 to 11-22-19 0.7450

Each Canadian fund deposit from a single customer equal to or greater than $250,000 must be submitted in a separate cash letter. These deposits will receive a separate exchange rate that may differ from the weekly exchange rate published by the Reserve Banks. To receive a separate quote for deposits greater than $250,000 and for exchange rate information, please call FedACH and Check Services Customer Support P: (877) 372-2457. The Reserve Banks reserve the right to group items from different depository institutions for the same customer in applying the $250,000 deposit threshold.

For more information about the Foreign Check Collection Service, visit the Foreign and Canadian Check Services page or contact the Foreign or Canadian Check Clearing Contacts.

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