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FedGlobal® Mexico Service

The FedGlobal Mexico Service enables U.S. financial institutions to send ACH credit transactions to financial institutions in Mexico using foreign exchange conversion to convert the U.S. dollars to pesos. Directo a México®, a joint marketing effort, is also available to help U.S. financial institutions increase their share of the rapidly growing U.S. to Mexico remittance market by encouraging and assisting their customers in using the FedGlobal Mexico Service.

Service Benefits

  • Cost-effective alternative to other payment channels
  • Accelerated clearing times and reduced costs associated with cross border credit payments
  • Convenient access to all bank accounts in Mexico
  • Competitive foreign exchange rates without any deductions from the payment amount
  • Certainty of clearing and settlement times
  • Robust promotional tools and materials to support consumer promotion
  • Access customer service easily from knowledgeable support groups
  • Learn more about the benefits by viewing the Mexico Service product sheet (PDF)

Directo a México® Resources

The FedGlobal Mexico Service offers financial institutions the added benefit and convenience of promotional materials and tools to aid in promoting the service to your customers and pre-opening accounts at participating institutions in Mexico.

A promotional tool kit and customer guide include detailed tips for easily and economically marketing Directo a México will be provided soon.

Directo a México Website

The Directo a México website (Off-site) offers information about the service in Spanish and English tailored to both consumers and U.S. financial institutions. It also includes daily information on the foreign exchange rate use, frequently asked questions, and a U.S. financial institution branch locator tool.

Also available on the Directo a México website is a tutorial (Off-site) to aid users in explaining the service in a visual and hands on format.

Evaluate this option for your institution

See how the FedGlobal Mexico Service can help your organization. Request a customized value calculator from your account executive to evaluate this option for your institution.

To start using the FedGlobal Mexico Service, visit the Service Setup page or contact your account executive to evaluate this option for your institution.

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