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What’s New

Service now includes a new ACH Originated Entries Detail report and a new machine-readable NACHA-formatted file of return items.

The service now supports the ability to configure multiple concurrent subscriptions for the same report. This enables many DFI and Customer-level reports to be automatically generated and distributed to meet various business needs. For example:

  • Schedule the same report on multiple frequencies (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Use different advanced setup configuration options/formats for the same report
  • Distribute the additional reports to the same or different recipients

Simply visit the FedPayments Reporter screens in FedLine to configure multiple concurrent subscriptions.

Some examples where multiple concurrent subscriptions could be helpful:

  • Configure the daily ACH Return Item report to be condensed for specific reviews and audiences. For example, designate one report to show unauthorized returns specifically for the risk unit and design a second report to show all returns for the operations staff.
  • Configure the ACH Received Entries Detail report on a daily frequency in Excel format for operations staff and on a monthly frequency in CSV format for an IT area for long term storage.
  • Configure the ACH Return Reason report on a daily frequency for operations staff and a monthly frequency for management/audit staff review.

Additional Benefits:

The service recently increased the number of email addresses that can be assigned to any report from 10 to 30.

The DFI and Customer maintenance screens now includes a convenient feature that enables downloading the report setup information into an Excel format. This allows you to readily review the list of reports being generated for customers and identify actions to enhance service to other comparable customers. Another benefit is to easily identify reports that are being generated but not being distributed as this is a common initial setup mistake.

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