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Help with Health Care ACH Payments

In accordance with the Affordable Care Act, any financial institution that services health care providers that receive electronic automated clearing house (ACH) payments must be prepared to provide the related remittance information upon request. FedACH® Services provides several tools that can assist your institution with identifying providers receiving electronic health care payments and proactively offering information services to them.

Step 1: Know Your Providers

FedACH Risk® RDFI Alert Service
Your institution can receive automated email notifications whenever a transaction with a Company Entry Description field containing “HCCLAIMPMT” comes through to one of your health care providers. To set up notifications:

  • Set batch criteria for the Company Entry Description field of “HCCLAIMPMT” for your institution’s RT
  • Give the criteria set a meaningful name
  • Assign email addresses of those at your institution who should receive the notifications about these transactions

FedPayments® Reporter Service for FedACH Services
The ACH Received Entries Detail Report generates a list of receivers to help you determine:

  • Which have health care provider names?
  • Which are receiving transactions from health care-related originators?
  • Which are receiving CCD+ SEC code transactions?

With this information, your institution can supply health care payment-related remittance information, including the reassociation trace number, in a prompt and secure manner to receivers requesting the information.

Step 2: Deliver the Payment Information

If asked, your institution must provide its health care providers with the remittance detail accompanying health care payments, including the reassociation trace number.

This information is available to FedPayments Reporter Service for FedACH users on an automated basis via an encrypted email portal. Your institution can set up automatically-generated, human-readable ACH Remittance Advice Detail Reports. These reports can be automatically delivered to your customers via an encrypted email portal or by enabling population of the reports into your institution’s online banking application.

The ACH Remittance Advice Detail Report carries payment detail including the originator name, SEC code, amount, national provider identifier (NPI) if populated, transaction description and the remittance transaction reassociation trace number.  This same report can be generated in a machine-readable file format to facilitate straight through processing for those customers with EDI-compatible accounts receivable systems.

Step 3:  Learn More

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